Covid 19

We’ve collected some information about Covid 19




Cancelling or changing my reservation

“Don’t cancel, postpone your travel date”. Please contact “” for more information.

Services temporarily closed

The SPA, Gym, Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Business Centre and Toca do Lince services are temporarily closed.

Sanitay Procedures

We are preparing to reopen the Hotels, we already have the “Clean and Safe‘ ’seal of Turismo de Portugal.

Among the various basic measures of prevention, control and health security that we already had in our units and those that this certification reinforces, according to the WHO and DGS guidelines, we have gone further on:

1 – We made available to all our employees and customers individual protection equipment (IPE´s);

2- Training and qualification of our employees for this new new sanitary situation, to ensure Trust and Safety to our customers;

3- Reinforcement of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting facilities and surfaces;

4- Spaces and circuits of the hotel respecting the measures of social distance, maximum occupancy and air renewal;

5- Delivery of meals to the room, breakfast boxes and picnic / lunch boxes available to the customer (take away); option of dining in the room or in the restaurant upon prior reservation,

6- The guarantee that the room was vacant for a  24-hour period.


1-We promote the option of performing pre check in on line and, consequently, reducing the time in this process, upon arrival at the hotel;

2- The service at the reception is done at the recommended distance of 1.5 / 2 meters between the guest and the employee; We have limited the occupancy rate of the hotel and have promoted alternate occupancy of rooms;

3-We reduced the maximum capacity of the capacity in the bar, restaurant, meeting rooms, respecting the recommended spacing between places; We increased the use of outdoor spaces, decks at The Lince Açores;

4-In the pool, the loungers are spaced;

5-In the rooms, cleaning and maintenance operations are mandatory without the presence of the client;

6-Meals work with a shift system, upon prior reservation, and the guest may also request room service and take-away service; The service in the restaurant will be carried out in a personalized way – à la carte; The use of the gym, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath area is subject to advance reservation; The children’s room and computers are forbidden;


1-Our employees are equipped with gloves (except restaurant and bar) and protective mask or visor; Cleaning service employees are equipped with suits / gowns;

2-We provide temperature measurement to all employees and customers; We advise all customers to use gloves and a protective mask, which are also available for purchase at reception if necessary;


1-Disinfectant gel is available for use in the different social areas of the hotel; All equipment / materials in common use (pens, payment terminals, etc.) are properly disinfected after each use;

2-Our Employees, promote the cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of surfaces and contact areas using cleaning products in accordance with the current requirement. We promote the natural ventilation of the guest’s common and private areas; we maintain a strict cleaning and disinfection of all water, air conditioning and ventilation systems;

3-We guarantee the occupancy of the room always after 24 hours, after the departure of a customer.


The hotel has 2 areas for isolation of people, guests or employees, flagged as suspicious cases or confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the rules issued by the DGS; Our customer service at the reception will provide all the support that the guest may need in the context of isolation and contacts with the respective Health Delegation;


All employees received specific training on the basic precautions for prevention and infection control in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19, including hand hygiene procedures, respiratory etiquette and social conduct; The same requirement with our partners and thus promoting good social conduct in our local environment; We provide theoretical and practical training, in the form of cleaning the accommodation units, handling clothes and other hotel operations;


In accordance with the rules and recommendations for the enjoyment of closed public spaces, we recommend the use of protective masks for circulation in social areas;

They should promote hand hygiene, when washing hands more frequently or when using alcohol gel dispensers;

Whenever possible, maintain a safety distance of 1.5 / 2 meters from other guests and employees; Inform us of the period of absence from the room, when you want us to clean, sanitize and disinfect it;

Make prior reservation for catering services (room service, restaurant, take away, bar), gym and spa;

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